In the movie "Day For Daniel" Nineapple Pineapple constantly made inferences that I was involved in the disappearance of Molly. This upset me terribly. I am his wife and Molly's mother!  I created him in my own imagination as a  disabled pineapple  to spare him from  the cannery. He is not  real like I am. He is  nothing but a figment of my imagination, yet he is out to prove that he is the real father of Molly and that I, get this that's me, am not The Number Nun, but a male imposter who loves dolls!

What would  he know  about me?  He never  touches me  and all he  ever talks  about is  Queen Betsy Queen Betsy, Queen Betsy, another figment of my imagination.  I tell you Nineapple Pineapple will rue the day he touches her! And it's too late to crawl back to me, I won't have him. He's so Unqueensland.

Molly will be  found and  then she can speak  for herself. Meanwhile  Nineapple Pineapple better get a good lawyer if he doesn't pologise me for calling me a male nun. I am The Truth,  the hole truth! The True Queen of Queensland, not Betsy Ten.

Queen Betsy Ten's Led Number is important in Gobbledygoo Arithmetic to lead Nineapple Pineapple to The Little One who is missing. She will not misguide him and he better not misguide her.

I am his wife! Mrs Noughtfear, The Number Nun, Queen Bee of Queensland, not the Masked Nunman. Queen Betsy Ten is
after my disabled husband.  She couldn't satisfy  Nineapple Pineapple like only I know how. I employed her to care for my husband, the most disabled pineapple in Queensland, not to tickle his fancy. Now I find out she's hiding a daughter in The House of Nineapple Pineapple.
Nineapple Pineapple exposes Mrs Noughtfear                                                         The children expose their parents                                                   Mrs Noughtfear exposes Nineapple Pineapple